How to Get Through What You're Going Through

A small group study dealing with loss and grief

This small group study focuses on how God brings us through seasons of loss and grief and will discuss the journey of grief and what to expect on the way from initial shock to unbearable sorrow, the struggle to makes sense of the impossible and finally surrender to the path of peace, sanctification, and a vision for service. 

The seven sessions will include: 
January 6 - Shock when your world collapses.
January 20 - Sorrow as you get through life’s losses.
February 3 - Struggle when life makes no sense.
February 17  - Surrender which sets us on the path of peace.
March 3  - Sanctification which transforms us through the season of trouble.
March 17  - Starting to see the treasures in the darkness.
March 31  - Service in which we learn not to waste the pain.

Grief is God’s tool for getting you through the transitions of life.  We will discover hope knowing that God is in control, that He will bring good out of bad and that He has a plan to use your pain for a purpose. For more information contact Richard Andrews at:  

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