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Living the New, Abundant and Eternal Life


FIRST STEPS  will help you begin your journey by helping you get oriented with the trip itself.  We all need a GPS from time to time and the walk with the Lord is no different.  Have you ever thought of God telling you to take a right in 300 yards on Heaven Street?


This entire series is about how to get you home on this journey of life as you also help others to arrive at the place that God intended for you from the very dawn of time itself.

We will answer questions like:
  • Where the journey is going, what to pack, and why we are going as a group?
  • What is faith and what does ‘being saved’ really mean?
  • What is a ‘quiet time?
  • How come we sing so much? 
  • Hearing and responding to God’s voice. 
  • Help me!
  • Water, bread, and grape juice – what’s that all about?
  • Really? Another offering!
  • You have an interesting story
  • The basin and towel

     Come join Pastor Jim Wallace, for a lively and interactive discussion style class, for both the young and old believer alike

     Every Wednesday evening at 7:00 PM

     Location: DVJ Building Room 201