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Living the New, Abundant and Eternal Life



SUNDAYS (Begins September 10th)

Study of Romans (B / G)
Taught by Charlene Connors. 9:00 a.m.—10:25 a.m. DVJ Family Life Center—Library.
“Oh, the depth of the riches, both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are His judgments and un fathomable are His ways! FOR WHO HAS KNOWN THE MIND OF THE LORD, OR WHO BECAME HIS COUNSELOR? OR WHO HAS FIRST GIVEN TO HIM THAT IT MIGHT BE PAID BACK TO HIM AGAIN? For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever. Amen.' Romans 11:33-36 NASB. Come join us in the study of Romans.

Discipulado en Español (B / G)
Taught by Fernando Cepeda. 9:00 a.m.—10:25 a.m. DVJ Family Life Center—Room 211.

American Sign Language (ASL) Classes for Youth and Adults (M)
Taught by Nancy Baillargeon. Office Building—Conference Room.
Classes for youth will be 4:30 p.m.—5:30 p.m. Classes for adults will be 6:00 p.m.—7:30 p.m.

The Miracle of Mercy Bible Study (G / F)
By Rick Warren, facilitated by Richard Andrews. Sept. 10 & 24, Oct. 8 & 22, Nov. 12 & 26, and Dec. 10, 6:00 p.m.—7:30 p.m. Fellowship Hall.
Did you know that mercy is God’s number one characteristic in the Bible? The world portrays God as a God of anger and judgment. But God shows himself first and foremost as a God of mercy. If mercy is God’s number one characteristic that he reveals to us in the Bible—if that is the most important thing he wants us to know about him—then it must be the most important thing for us to learn about him. And it must also be the most important character trait that God wants to develop is us. Join us for the six-session video study. The six sessions include: The Five Marks of Mercy, Mercy Forgives the Fallen, Mercy Helps the Hurting, Mercy is Patient with Difficult People, Mercy is Kind to Enemies, Mercy Cares for the Lost.

Royal Rangers
6:00 p.m.—7:30 p.m., DVJ Family Life Center.
This international ministry for boys, ages 5-18, seeks to teach them to be men of God through mentoring and discipleship. Weekly meetings promote biblical teaching with a strong emphasis on life application, learning about God’s creation, and how to interact within it….and lots of games, crafts, and “active” activities.

Girls Ministries
6:00 p.m.—7:30 p.m., DVJ Family Life Center.
Girls Ministries is designed to reach girls ages 3-18 for Christ, teach them to be godly young ladies, and encourage them to get involved in ministry. Based on Titus 2, women meet weekly with the girls to study scripture, work on crafts, and enjoy games and a variety of other fun activities.


To Live is Christ (Ladies Bible Study) (B / F)
Beth Moore DVD course, facilitated by Candace Andrews. Begins September 13, 9:00 a.m.—Noon or 6:15 p.m.—8:30 p.m. Fellowship Hall. Cost is $18.00 for the study guide.
To Live is Christ: The Life and Ministry of Paul - A personal study experience and in-depth Bible study on the life and ministry of Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles. Paul served faithfully, loved heartily, and demonstrated what it means to die daily, crucified with Jesus Christ. Join Beth Moore in a journey to discover a greater appreciation for his unflagging faith and undying devotion to servanthood. Sign up online at www.saaog.net.

Developing A Faith That Works (B / M)
By Rick Warren, facilitated by Jim Dieterly. Begins September 13, 7:00 p.m.—8:30 p.m. Sanctuary.
Developing a Faith that Works: The Book of James is an enriching verse-by-verse, six-week video-based study . Sessions include: How to Profit from your Problems, How to Make Up Your Mind, How to Win Over Temptation, How to Be Blessed by the Bible, How to Treat People Right, How to Have Real Faith.

Swimming in a Biblical Worldview (M)
IMTC Class, taught by Dr. Andrew Sargent. Begins September 6, 7:00 p.m.—9:00 p.m., DVJ Family Life Center—Room 212. No pre-registration necessary. Class is 15 weeks. Cost is $100.
The world seems more and more confusing; traditional core values of both Church and Society are under constant attack by activists, media and political forces. Swimming in a Biblical Worldview will seek to empower you to understand the basic principles and untangle the dynamics that stand behind both this assault and the traditions of the Judaeo-Christian worldview. You'll be better equipped to engage your generation for Christ.  For more information contact Dr. Sargent at andrewdsargent@gmail.com.


The Recovery Journey (S)
Facilitator is Patricia Patterson. 7:00 p.m.—8:30 p.m. Conference Room of the office building.


Please contact Patricia Patterson at plpatterson@comcast.net.

The Recovery Journey group gives participants the opportunity to experience the transforming nature of God’s love. Recovery is usually a term reserved for those who struggle with some form of addiction, but we will expand that definition to include any mindset, behavior, or hindrance that prevents us from accessing all that God has for us. When we can look into the mirror of God’s love and see His desire for us, the Holy Spirit will take us on a journey of transformation. Patricia can meet with you one-on-one, if you do not prefer a group setting.


American Sign Language (ASL) Class (Adult) (M)
Taught by Nancy Baillargeon. Begins September 8, 6:00 p.m. Office Building—Conference Room.


Meeting the Jesus of Mark (M)
IMTC Class, taught by Dr. Andrew Sargent. Begins September 9, 9:00 a.m.—11:00 a.m., Office Building—Conference Room. No pre-registration necessary. Class is 15 weeks. Cost is $100.
If you only take one Bible study course in your whole life, make it Meeting the Jesus of Mark. This course is a powerhouse of practical guidance in observing Scripture keenly, learning to ask the right kinds of penetrating questions, getting the right answers from proper sources, and making that wonderful leap from Bible to Life application. You'll never read anything the same way again.  For more information contact Dr. Sargent at andrewdsargent@gmail.com.

 Legend:  B = Bible Study; F = Fellowship; G = Growth; M = Ministry Training; S = Support / Overcomers